The success of BI projects depends on numerous factors, including the selection of the rightconsulting firm and the adequacy of the selected consulting firm’s corporateresources. Bisolera has an extensive crew of experienced and expertSAP-certified consultants, who contribute their vast knowledge in almost everyindustry to our clients’ projects to produce works that add value tobusinesses. Bisolera constantly invests in technological developments in thefield and offers SAP BI application consulting services at the internationallevel in the SAP. We offer 2 kinds of consulting services.

Turnkey Project Consultancy

We partner withyou to set expectations from the start of your packaged solutionimplementation. Our depth of experience, BI knowledge, and commitment to clientsuccess allows us to begin to address potential challenges and risks at thebeginning of our projects, in order to mitigate risk and meet yourexpectations.

Bisolera iscommitted to ensuring your BI implementation is a success. During projectconsultancy we ensure that:

🟩 Requirement analysis is welldone

🟩 System architecture is designedand aligned with the organization’s business processes and policies

🟩 The project scope and plan isaligned with your expectations

🟩 Testing activities are based onthe requirements initially defined and approved for the project

🟩 To-be processes arefully-defined and understood

🟩 Risk mitigation steps arewell-defined

🟩 The organization iswell-prepared for the change

Support Consultancy

Bisolera reflects its experience in SAP BI implementation consultancy into professional support services and offers you support services for your existing SAP BIplatform. Our support team answers all kinds of client demands about applications, application development and system management, with a service quality of global standards. We offer 2 kinds of support;

Onsite Support

Sometimes it’s needed to work with our client’s users closely to analyze requirements andsolve some problems faster. If we notice this need, we prefer to give suport in the client’s location. After determining work plan with our client, we schedule a work in its office.

Remote Support

Bisolera helps its clients make efficient use of their time and budget through its low-costremote working model. This is a cost-effective model for the client since the cost involved in having accomodation and travel costs is eliminated. Within this model we arrange periodical meetings, conference calls.

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