The purpose of databases is to keep all data, while the data warehouse keeps processed, customized data. SAP offers the data warehouse application approach using SAP BW or SAP BW/4HANA. And we offer thebest way of implementing data warehouse solution by using the latest features and best practices in SAP BW.

Regardless of the tool you use, an ideal implementation of a healthy data warehouse system must be built with the careof data analysis, software life-cyle aspects, perfect data model, well configured system and of course performance code. If any of these are missed, the system will cause a bottleneck.

BW/4HANA is the brand-new data warehousing application approach prepared particularly for HANA. It'd developed from scratch which means several millions of less code in ABAP part when compared to BW on HANA.

It is positioned on HANA “in-memory” platform with asimpler, flexible, improved architecture and modern interface than SAP'sprevious data warehouses. BW/4HANA, which stands out with its simplicity,MODERN USER INTERFACE, HIGH PERFORMANCE and OPENNES features, is structured or unstructured in a very large volume thanks to its fully HANA-optimized processes. He appeared as the newest and most effective player of modern data warehouses that can work on real time or historical data and access all kind sof SAP and non-SAP systems with SQL interface.

The biggest change, starting with BW on Hana, was experienced with the simplification of data structures. Over the years, the number of virtual data providers that both hold data and do not hold data have grown considerably. As of today, a DSO replaced the cubes, while virtual providers such as Multi Provider were replaced by Composite Provider. Data fromnon-SAP sources, structures we call Open ODS View can retain information objects without having to model them. Many of the structures needed for modeling have been virtualized, both the amount of data began to shrink and the number of required layers has decreased considerably. In the past, top-down modeling was used, but today bottom-up modeling became possible. In this way, the duration of the project can be greatly shortened.

Today BW/4HANA has become an open platform for both data loading and reading data. With SQL it became possible to read data from info providers. In the process of loading data, HANA's data transfer capabilities make it easy to integrate with non-SAP resources. In addition to this, real-time data replication has been enabled, as well as technologies that are very difficult to come side-by-side with BW/4HANA such as Hadoop and Social Media resources are very easy to use It happened. I would like to highline something specifically here; because of the name 4HANA, sometimes there is a perception that BW/4HANA is only working on S/4HANA, which is contrary to the classical SAP ERP, S/4HANA or SAP can be used for external systems.

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