SAP Business Objects

At Bisolera, we position SAP Business Objects as on-premise reporting solution to help our customers transform data into actionable insights. By doing so, we enable them to;

- Build engaging experiences

🟩 Deliver engaging information tousers where they need

🟩 Track KPIs and summary data

🟩 Build custom experiences sousers get what they need quickly

- Discover, predict and create

🟩 Discover areas to optimize their business

🟩 Adapt data to business needs

🟩 Tell their story with powerful visualizations

- Discover, predict and create

🟩 Securely distribute information accross their organization

🟩 Answer related questions by interacting with pre-defined reports

🟩 Build printable reports for operational efficiency

With SAP Business Objects, what we deliver is;

Ad-hoc Reporting

For ad-hoc reporting, we recommend our customers to use SAP Business Objects Analysis for OLAP to consume reports on a web browser and SAP Business Objects Analysis for Office solutions to consume reports on Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Powerpoint.

🟩 Recommended for OLAP analysisscenarios (multi-dimensional analysis)

🟩 Quickly leverage existing OLAP investments with SAP BW and SAP HANA

🟩 High productivity for analysts through both Web and Microsoft Excel based interfaces with drag and drop functionality

🟩 Premium alternatives for SAP BWBEx users

🟩 Minimize IT support costs by empowering end users to easily create and modify their own reports

Formatted Reporting

We position SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence solution to our customers, if they need aformatted report.

🟩 Quickly build formatted reportson any data source without using SQL

🟩 Securely distribute reports both internally and externally

🟩 Enhance custom applications with embedded reports

🟩 Support for multi-source semantic layer to bring together different sources of information

🟩 Content accessible from anywhere - mobile, web

Data Exploration

SAP Lumira Discovery lets users them to create their own queries, analysis and visualizations in a few minutes from any datasource.  It’s a self-service BI tool on SAP Business Objetcs product portfolio.

🟩 Provide the freedom to understand your data, personalize it, and create beautiful content

🟩 Get data from any data source like SAP BW, SAP HANA, SAP Business Objects Universe

🟩 Combine, manipulate and enrich data to apply it to your business scenarios

🟩 Self-service visualizations and analytics to tell your story


Bisolera positions SAP Lumira Designer (previously known as SAP Business Objects Design Studio) solution for management dashboard on on-premise side. With SAP Lumira Designer we create interactive and user-friendly dashboards for top management. Since this is a full custom environment, dashboards can be designed according to users requirements completely. With SAP Lumira Designer, we can;

🟩 Powerful environment to build interactive and visually appealing analytics

🟩 Rich set of components like button, drop-down lists, charts, scorecards

🟩 Use custom code to extend and build components like sliding bar for what-if analysis

🟩 Consume data on SAP BW, SAPHANA and non-SAP systems.

🟩 Use a rich set of visualizations and controls to build highly interactive dashboards onthird-part sources

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